Post date: Mar 26, 2018 6:33:41 AM

- by Claudia M. De Guzman

(City of Balanga National High School)

An eagle has been taken as a symbol of great strength and power. It has been used as banners by great empires throughout the history, from Babylon to Egypt, Rome and even in the United States (Trish Phillips, It is a fascinating bird not only because of its enormous size and strength but also because of its characteristics that could be compared to a good leader. These traits that an eagle has, could be very useful for teachers who are considered leaders in the classroom.

When an eagle lives on you as a teacher, you should have a keen vision. Having a keen vision means you have to be attentive to the needs of your students. Just knowing their name is not enough. It means you have to look beyond their capabilities, help them discover their talents and skills and also help them strengthen their weaknesses. As their teacher, you have to guide them to have bigger perspectives. Let yourself be their guiding light in achieving their goals in life.

Second, if you are an eagle teacher, it means that you are fearless. Fearless in a way that you are not afraid of facing problems and you never surrender in encouraging your students to be the best version of themselves. You always think of all the probable solutions and you do not focus on the causes of it.

Third, an eagle teacher is tenacious. Storms don’t scare eagles unlike other birds do. They use strong winds from the storm to soar higher. We cannot deny the fact that teachers are humans only. They have personal problems. But if an eagle lives on you, you will not let those problems weigh you down. Instead, you will use those as your motivation in achieving your goals and at the same time, you will use problems as an instrument to make a better version of yourself.

Fourth characteristic of an eagle that can be compared to a leader is they only feed on fresh preys. It means that as your students’ leader, you only have to feed them reliable lessons. You always have a basis on the information that you are going to give them. In addition to this, you as a leader should be with people who think liberally. Be with the kind of people who are more on actions rather than complaints. Be with people who also strive to become better and those who make less noise in attaining their goals.

Lastly, eagles nurture their younger ones. As a leader of your students, you have to be their mentor. You have to guide, mediate and instruct them with a smile. Never get tired of teaching them. If it happens that they still couldn’t make it, lengthen your patience not because it is your job, but because you want to help them to spread their wings so that they could fly high and reach their goals.

As Robin S. Sharma said, “Leadership is not about a title or a designation, it’s about the impact, influence and inspiration”. And as a leader to your students, be that someone who always held a helping hand to lift them up. Strive harder to make them grow to their full abilities. Never give up on empowering and directing your students.

And as a piece of advice, once you face your students, always remember that you are an eagle who is about to take a flight.