ALS – Alternative to Success

Post date: Jun 16, 2015 12:31:07 AM

By: Beverly B. Porlante

Teacher I, Bataan National High School

The country’s educational system introduced Alternative Learning System (ALS). A ladderize, modular non-formal education program in the Philippines. Giving second chance to these drop-outs, out-of-school youths and non-readers to change, improve their lives and prove that they are still a vital part of this nation. This system is an alternative to regular classroom studies. Unlike regular students, in an Alternative System, the students under the program can choose the schedule according to their availability. They can also have the options of attending the school based or community-based study. On the school based program, formal instructions were conducted in community halls and private places. The ALS follows a uniform lesson modules for all academic subjects covering sciences, mathematics, English, Filipino, Social Studies and Current Events delivered by government-paid instructors or by private non-government organizations. After finishing the curriculum, Successful examinees are grouped together in a closing ceremony where they will be given their certificates of completion either for elementary or secondary level, he or she may opt to enrol in tertiary level without a need in attending formal classroom, hence, the name, Alternative Learning System. Normally, under Philippine Educational System, no student is allowed to enter Tertiary (College or University) without a high school diploma as a pre-requisite. But an alternative system is the other path and opportunity to access vocational technology.

Today, drop-outs, out-of school youths, non-readers and illiterate are given second chances. The Philippine government prepares their armour in battling against the hardship of life. The weapon they will use along their journey in competitive world. Education is always the answer to the root of their problems. Education is the primary instrument in recognizing peace, love, unity and equality. They were given this another chance because the government recognizes the vital part of every single citizen in building our nation. As they finished ALS modules, they can enrol in vocational schools in which their skills can be further honed. Then, these people who were given a second chance are the highly-skilled worker who contributed much in nation-building. Plumbers, Machinists, Electricians, Technicians, Mechanics and those who make it to be a part of Food Industries and Hospitality Services. They excel in developing their skills which is always in-demand not only in our country but in every continent of the world. Some repeaters are working abroad where they are showcasing their high level of skills and abilities, same way as other professional did. And even without a College diploma or degree in their hands, they can also be considered as a “PILLAR” of our nation. Through ALS, these people turned their lives around and through non-formal education, they are walking proud and heads up, because we witnessed that even they are repeaters, we valued their contributions and essence in this society.