Post date: Mar 24, 2014 1:42:05 AM

(by: Victor G. Simpao)

Our offices serve people working under DepEd; teachers, principals, supervisors and employees of schools in City of Balanga. Usually employees in an office have their own duties and responsibilities.

In my office I am occupied in services: The following are my responsibilities:

1. Issue CAV Authentication-public and private

2. Encode service record

3. Certification of employment

4. Receiving and Releasing Documents, outgoing and incoming

5. Preparing all documents in Landbank for teachers loan

6. Preparing service record on provident loans and MTMAS loans

7. Helping people on how to deduct, stop loans.

8. Receiving calls

9. Machine operator, (Xerox) and data encoder.

This kind of work needs patience and self-discipline, Imagine putting together the necessary papers of all employees of DepEd, from the highest position to the lowest. Sometimes they don’t submit their papers on time and still lacking in data. We have to file those important papers for safety. Thanks to the computer and you can obtain data in seconds. These are the daily routine of our office. Doing those jobs everyday without love of work is boring.

I approach each day’s labor with the awareness of dignity and nobility for in this job I can serve people in need of this service. For I believe that God gives work till your life ends and life till the work is done.