A Great Teacher

Post date: Oct 15, 2014 6:56:56 AM

By: Mrs. Elena V. Almario

Head Teacher VI, Bataan National High School

The coffee commercial says, “There’s good coffee, then there’s great taste coffee”, in education we also say, “There are good, and then there are great teachers.

A great teacher is a true teacher. He teaches for that’s what he is. He is a mentor who imparts knowledge as far as he could extend his hands. Also, he is a guide who serves as a lighthouse to student’s dark and gloomy days in order to keep them on track. Moreover, he is a facilitator of those who are at lost and in need of encouragement. Furthermore, he helps students to dream and to turn it into reality. You are a teacher when you taught a student to draw in order to make them paint and later on to build their own dream house.

In order to be a teacher, you have to have a heart, a heart of a parent especially of a mother. A mother who knows how to love, to care, to comfort, to console, to brace, and of many others that only a mother can tell. To be a mother to numerous children without any blood relation at all is one of the greatest abilities of a great teacher. It is being able to sleep without closing an eye, keeping up all night preparing for the next day’s meeting, monitoring who their friends are, and wondering why they’re out of class. In addition, it is walking without feeling the ground, wherein he finds immediate remedy to problems, and attends to student’s needs in an instant. It is also having the courage to speak without hurting a heart in order to make them understand the lessons of life. Lastly, it is eating without tasting at all, sharing all that one can offer without any hesitation, giving time and effort without even an inch of regret, and offering anything at hand thinking nothing but goodness for the student who needs support.

A great teacher has to have an undying passion to his craft to make him stay. No one can take the heavy duty of being a teacher unless care towards students remains. Moreover, he has to sustain the connection to students wherein he still carries a happy heart whenever he is with them. Another, he has to have a mission and vision of a bright future. As they say, success without succession is not success. Therefore, if a teacher wants to harvest great crops, he has to be great as well. Aside from that, mark to memory that education needs servants who are willing to work with or without, or with high or low payment. Thus, in order to leave a legacy, it takes a brave heart to face all walks of life in order to bring them to the stage of success.

Hence, a great teacher is God’s gift to children for he portrays the goodness of God. He is filled with love and care which he is ready to share to everyone anytime.