A Glimpse: My Philosophy of Education

Post date: Apr 29, 2014 6:54:10 AM

By: Mary Grace C. dela Cruz Teacher I In my more than ten years of teaching, I have met different kinds of learners. Some are fortunate meaning that they can afford to be sent in a private school and their needs are well provided. But some are underprivileged meaning that their parents/ guardians can’t afford to give their needs in their education. And their basic needs are hardly provided. They even need to work to help their parents in providing for their basic necessities. But one thing is common among them, as I reflect on it. They are beloved children of God that they must be given an equal opportunity in education. Every pupil / children should be given a quality education because education will design their future. A concrete design will help them to be the best that they can be but an abstract or a vague design will lose their direction and they will be at lost in the journey of life. At lost because they don’t know what they want to be or to do. From this perspective, much of the burden is given to me as a teacher. There’s a need for me to design activities that will suit the learning needs of my pupils. Generally, pupils will learn when they perceived that the activity they are doing is meaningful or interesting to them. Open and trustful conversation are needed to attain this goal because in doing so, I have to touch their core where their interest and meaning in life lie.

There are also some things that I should shun from doing or that I should sacrifice like lowering down my expectations and accepting their nature as a normal child or as hyperactive child. I should also have a listening heart and to be patient with them because they are from different families and environment.

With these, in the future, slowly but hopefully surely, the pupils / children entrusted in my care will thank the way education made them of what they are.

These are not easy to attain but I will not be the one who will do these alone. This is God’s plan ….. these are God’s children …… and I am just His collaborator. I pray that He will continue to journey with me to attain / reach this goal which is to be an integrated educator in the future.