Advancements in Technology and the Impact on Higher Education

Post date: Mar 28, 2014 1:14:14 AM

By: Mr. Renato T. Yuzon, Supply Officer II

“An investment in Knowledge pays the best interest”. By Benjamin Franklin

The advancement made by technology nowadays paved a way to improve our education systems in the Philippines. Technology plays a key role to promote quality education. Some schools have adopted the first in the country’s basic education to use the tablet PC as a personal learning device. This program prepares the student for an increasingly information-based economy and an electronically networked society. High end technology contributes much to help our students learn more.

Ironically, more budgets are needed to recommend this idea. Schools needed ample learning devices equipment such as computer, laptops, printer etc. They need to have this to incline with the rapid changes that are happening at the present time. Our government should keep an eye for this approval. Proper allocation of budgets and funds for the equipment are needed to put this into reality. The Department of Education designates a budget for the equipment. It has been correlated with the capital outlay of the Department of Education. Capital Outlay is appropriations spent for the purchase of goods and services, the benefits of which extends beyond the fiscal year and adds assets to the government. By this, we should give emphasis on the furniture, fixtures, equipment and books outlay. Allocating more budgets to this project can improve the learning condition of the students having sufficient amount of learning equipment. Adequate amount of equipment such as computer, which became the medium of learning of every school today does can help each student to become globally competitive.

We should support allocating budgets for this to improve our education system in the Philippines. Global Education is very significant to increase the human capital of our country. If only good appropriation for the capital outlay will take effect and give priority, no question that our students will experience new learning content and strategies. Education is an investment that we need to ponder today.