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By: Rubila Nunez, BES Teacher



The stakeholders of the Division of City of Balanga were recognized by the Department of Education for their unrequited and continuous support, effort and service exnteded to the city schools. It was held at BalangaElemenatry School, AVR/Function Room, March 25, 2011.

This 2011 GawadPagkilala is a recognition solely for the PTAs, Barangay Officials, LGUs and NGOs which helped the schools in the pursuit of the goals of DepEd.

The awardees were:

Name of School

Name of awardees


Elementary Level

District I

1.Balanga Elem. School

Bataan Host Lions Club









Batch 73

-Provided allowance for SPED teacher aide

 -Sponsor the SPED Christmas Party & Gift Giving

-Provided Free Eye Check – up and Eye glasses for pupils

-Sponsor Gift – Giving to Elem. Pupils


Donated 75 Monobloc chairs and 90 Monobloc Armchairs

2.T. Camacho Sr.


Mrs. Teodora V. Espaňola













Mrs. Marieta R. Reyes


-Donated one (1) stand fan for Grade III-2 class

-Donated P2,000.00 cash for cementing the flagpole area

-Donated EPP industrial tools worth P3,500.00

-Provided for free transportation for the athletes during city meet

-Spearhead all activities last 2010 BrigadaEskwela Plus

-Actively participated in various school activities such as classroom projects, planting fund raising projects and the like


- Requested 5 trucks silted barrow to elevate the flagpole area

- Sponsored a fund raising campaign of which proceeds goes to finance Math center, Math Park and garden for improvement

-Solicited 10 bags of cement, white sand and gravel from SP Vice Mayor Noel Valdecanas which were used for constructions of plant boxes around the flagpole area

-Sponsored and helped for the preparation of school feeding for malnourished children

3.Tuyo Elem. School

Mr. Roland R. Lamira




















Mr. Bernardo M. Villanueva

- Served as our voice in the Barangay Council through his chairmanship in the Barangay Committee in Education.

- Participated actively in School planning, programs & other activities

-Donated materials for BrigadaEskwela and shared his people as manpower to the activity.

-Supported the School feeding program by donating goods

-Spearheaded the construction of school drainage by including the project as priority of the Barangay Council

-Showed genuine support to the school activities and tirelessly extended financial and non-financial assistance for the welfare of TES pupils and the school as a whole.


-Served as community representative to the School Governing Council

-Participated actively in school planning, programs and other activities

-Spearheaded the termite control and maintenance of all school building.

-Helped the school in sourcing out funds by becoming a donor and also finding donors to support school projects.

-Had shown genuine concern and support of the welfare of the pupils and the school itself in totality.

4.M. Delos ReyesMemorial

Elementary School (Main)

Brgy. Chairman Jimmy I. Gonzales





Mrs.  Perlina S. de Guzman


Mrs. Lourdes B. Dizon

-Support fund raising project through donation of electrical wire, paint for BrigadaEskwela.

-Give cash donation for triple drum instruments


-Spearheaded the Fund Raising Campaign for various GPTA Projects


- Solicited funds for the Conference Hall worth P125,000.00 and for 2 units of aircon

5. M. Delos Reyes MemorialElem. School (Annex)

Mrs. Jovie S. Acoba

- Initiated the putting up of cemented corridor

- Prime movers of the Bingo Bonanza saDraga and UN Festival of which the proceeds was used in the construction of temporary administrative office, repair of rooms and school canteen & purchase of school supplies

6.Tortugas Elem. School

Mrs. Fe Magat






Mr. Noli A. Venzon




Mrs. Ma. Victoria Bartolome

- Help in fund raising activities of the school by rendering services for the beautification, landscaping & re-crafting of the school Sponsors feeding program and librenggupit among pupils


- Donated P20,000.00 for school improvement and school feeding program


-Sponsored feeding program and librenggupit for pupils

-Initiative and conducted Fund Raising project worth P20,000.00 for the school

7. G.L. David  Memorial

Elementary School

Mrs. Flora S. Cornejo

-Donated 3 electric fans, 1 gallon of paint, 10 yards of table cloth and curtains and props used in Dugong Balangueňo Contest

8. Our Lady of Lourdes

    Elementary School

Mr. Renchie F. Jarical


Mrs. Norma B. Roman

-Donated time and effort in helping teachers in the feeding program of the school

9. M.P CuadrenoMemorial

    Elementary  School

Mrs. Adoracion R. Santiago

-Seek for the Land filling of low lying area

District II

1.Cupang Elementary


Mr. Leonardo D. Bautista


Mr. Larry P. Escaler

-Provided assistance & support in rehabilitation of science park, Science Lab, Orchidarium, Math Park, Mark Center, BEAM Center

-Initiated Fund raising Project for the Repair of path walks, damage fence makeshifts in conducted arts room

- Monitor/Supervised the construction of covered court, conference hall, doors, window grills, hand wash area, comfort rooms and mural

2.Cataning Elementary


ABC Pres. Benigno P. Marino











Mrs. Myla M. Escartin











Mrs. Lolita B. Paragatos





Mrs. Ana may S. Bamba



-Gives financial support in our school feeding program

-Donated seedlings, plants, garden soil; during tree planting

-Donated in-kind materials during Brigadaeskwela

- Rendered service together with his constituents

-Donated P5,000.00 for the mural and construction of drainage

-Support fund raising of the school


-Donated in-kind materials during BrigadaEskwela worth P5,000.00

- Actively participated in all school activities especially feeding program

- Initiated the school fund raising:

-Search for Ms. Gen. PTA

- Search for Mr. & Ms. Valentine

-Search for Mr. & Ms. UN

- Initiated the Division Fund raising “TulongsaBatangBalangueňo”


- Active by in participated all schools activities especially Drum & Lyre

- Support Fund raising of the school


- Active by participated in all schools activities

-Gives financial support during BrigadaEskwela and tree planting

-Donate materials during BrigadaEskwela

- “Ms. Cataning 2010” – fund raising of the school

3.Tenejero Elementary


Mr. Renato T. Yuzon

- Solicit for the School Family day, procurement of computers, lavatories and hand washing facilities, fabrication of bookshelves

-Supervise repairs of school facilities through GPTA funds from the City Government.

4.Bo. Central Elementary


Brgy. Chairman Ronald N. Caparaz


















Mrs. Josephine D. Felipe




- Served as SGC Chairman for four years

-Donated construction materials during BrigadaEskwela and led in making minor repairs in school like welding of garden fence and electric wiring.

- Served as one of the benefactors of school supplies and other materials such as Slippers, umbrellas, raincoats to almost 200 indigent pupils during school opening.

- Initiated are rehabilitation of classroom damaged by Typhoon Basyang

- Sponsored additional budget for the upgrading of covered court path walk worth of P8,000.00

- Spearheaded the School-Community Proper Waste Management.


-Served as GPTA President

- Attended Scouting Activities and served as Adult Leader

-Donated construction materials in school repair

-Initiated Income Generating Project entitled “Search for Mrs. Valentine”


Elementary School

Mr. Wilson D. Felipe










Brgy. Chairman Doroteo Austria

-  Assisted BrigadaESkwela 2010

-  Give financial assistance to support various school projects

- Adopted “GulayansaPaaaralan Project by providing “Nipa Hut”

- Provided “recycle Bin” for proper wastes segregation of the school

- Adopted indigent pupils and provided gifts (groceries/food)


-Chaired School governing Council

-Assisted BrigadaEskwela 2010

-Given financial assistance to support various school projects


    Elementary School

Mrs. Georgina D. Zarraga

Ø  Assisted and spearheaded various school projects and Project ESEM

7.Bani Elementary School

Dr. Delfin O. Magpantay

(BPSU President)









Sun Moon University











Balanga Rotary Club











Mr. Wilfredo C. Aguila

(College Administrator BHMC)







Mr. Noel Macapinlac














Mr. & Mrs. Roberto G. Santos






JVR Foundation

K ServicoBalanga

-Accommodated Sun Moon University Staff/students

- Donated seedlings/trees for “GulayansaPaaralan”

-Conducted NSTP/CWTS extension program which

fed the children

painted armchairs and tables

painted and decorated Pre-Elem room


-Donated concrete paint

- Painted the school buildings

-Donated school supplies/T-shirts/vitamins/medicines to all pupils and teachers

-Financed and constructed 12 bookshelves worth P27,000.00

-Donated 1 pair of basketball board/ring worth P90,000.00

- Fabricated basketball steel post worth P15,000.00

- Taught and fed the pupils


-Adopted the School Feeding Program with 55 Severely Wasted beneficiaries (Grade I-VI pupils) (September to December 2010)

-Donated the following:

- Cleaning materials like brooms

- Feeding materials like gas stove and gas tank

- Supplementary reading books


-  Conducted NSTP “Clean and Green Program”

-Donated and planted palm trees

- Donated amount the amount of P1,500.00 for school beautification

-Fed Pre-Elem and Grade 1 pupils (66 pupils)


- Actively headed/participated in the different school activities such as:

ü  BrigadaEskwela Plus

ü  GulayansaPaaralan

-  Led the GPTA Fund raising project which provided (1) package of sound system and (1) set grass cutter/Mower

- Headed THE SCHOOLS PROJECT “Construction of the School Perimeter Fence” and Mural

-  Helped in the construction of the school canteen


-  Donated school bags and supplies for Pre-Elem to Grade VI pupils worth P55,000.00

-  Financed the trusses and roofing of School Canteen worth P26,000.00


- Sponsored School Feeding Program for 66 beneficiaries of Pre-Elem and Grade 1 pupils for SY 2010-2011


8. E. Bernabe Elementary


JVR Foundation

-Sponsored the School Feeding Program

9.Tanato Elementary School

Mr. Rodolfo A. Bulandos











JVR Foundation

-  Conceptualized and implement school project

-Provide Assistance and support to school’s projects and activities like BrigadaEskwela, GulayansaPaaralan and Feeding Program

-  Support the fund raising activities like “Mr. and Ms. United Nations” and “Alay saBatangBalangueňo”


-  Provide P10.00 per meal to 55 pupils (Grade I and Grade II) from September to March, 2011

- Coordinate closely with the principal on the implementation of the program activities regarding feeding program



Secondary Level

1. Bataan National High School

Hon. Albert Raymond S. Garcia



Hon. Enrique T. Garcia




Hon. Jose Enrique S. Garcia III







Engr. Carlos C. delaFuente













Engr. Enrico T. Yuzon




Mr. Romeo G. Caragay

(Pres. Batch 1984-1985)


Mr. Jose Rafael M. Garcia

- Initiate to prepare the IT Bldg for the I-HUB Project


-Provides funds for the rehabilitation of comfort room, covered path walk at the annex and Bahay Alumni.


-Provides funds for the construction of 4 study sheds, 1 shallow well and 4 drinking stations, repair center, rehabilitation of roofing of 3 main buildings & fabrication & installation of exit gate.


- Being the PTA President he follow up in the provincial gov’t. and city gov’t various projects like the PTA bldg. and covered path walk and the procurement of 2 garbage buggy

- Gave full support during BrigadaEskwela 2010 by supervising and manning the trimming of trees, repairs of chairs & tables, installation of electric wires in the PTA bldg, repair of perimeter fence & reclogging of canals


-Support Brigadaeskwela 2010 by making all the equipment and manpower needed available


-Donated 10 LCD Computer monitor


-Donate snacks for one week during the BrigadaEskwela

2. City of Balanga

High School

Brgy. Chairman Manolito E. Zabala

-Assigned Barangay Tanod to maintain peace and order in the vicinity of the school

-Assisted the school in transporting students/teachers to various venues of contents & trainings through their Barangay Vehicle.

- Supported the school’s program/project

- Coordinated with the school in monitoring the students during class hours in order to prevent students from cutting classes.