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Malungay: Leafy Satisfying

posted Jan 10, 2018, 12:58 AM by Jose Dasig

By: Lily M. Sanchez 
City of Balanga National High School


               Plants hold amazing healing plants.

            There are many books and journal articles bear out to the healing wonders of plants. Herbal medicines line the shelves of drugstores for some Physicians prescribe herbal supplements. Yet the World Health Organization identifies herbal medications as a complementary health system. With its broad range of flora the Philippine present, many plants can be the answer to your health problem, specifically, Moringa.

What’s Moringa? 

It’s kalungai in Bikolano; marongai in Ilonggo; malungit in Bisaya; and yeah, you’re. right, it’s called malunggay in many Filipino dialects! Scientifically, it’s called Moringa oleifera.

            More clues? Aside from its various names, malunggay has a large number of medicinal properties that can nourish the body of its nutritional requirements, ease mild discomforts and even cure terminal illnesses. It healing powers are not limited to its leaves alone but equally beneficial are the parts of the tree.

            Did you know that the Food and Nutrition Research Institute, an agency of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) used Malunggay’s image as their official logo. And surprise! To many Filipinos, malunggay is called as the mother’s best friend, and miracle vegetable.

            To build resistance and fortify our defenses against communicable diseases, the Department of Health (DOH) uplifts every Filipino to eat plenty of malunggay.

            Eat malunggay for good health and long life. That’s the advice of nutrition books. That’s what the DOH wants us to do. Let’s love malunggay and be healthy. Nutritionists at the FNRI recommended using these food products in feeding programs to augment the vitamin A and calcium requirements of children. One serving of 250 milliliters of soup with Malunggay Leaf Powder (MLP) meets 24 percent of the Recommended Energy and Nutrient Intakes (RENI) per day for vitamin A for Filipino children 7-9 years old. A serving of 333 milliliters of veggie sauce satisfies 29 percent of the nutrient for this group of children. Moreover, the FNRI-DOST suggests MLP to include as ingredients in ready-to-cook veggie soup, ready-to-cook veggie sauce, breakfast cereal and malunggay fish sausage.                                                                                                                  

              “Malunggay,” according to Ms. Rosemarie Dumag and Dr. Trinidad P. Trinidad of the Food and Nutrition Research Institute of the Department of Science and Technology (FNRI-DOST), “contains 34.3 percent oil.” In addition, Ms. Dumag and Dr. Trinidad found that malunggay seed oil has also registered the lowest trans-fat value compared with canola, corn, and olive oil. The value is so low that it may be affirmed to contain zero trans-fat. With these findings, malunggay seed oil could be a promising source of high quality edible oil.

               Malunggay along with other vegetables will help our students to become healthier. And if worst comes to worst, it won’t hurt them to have a daily multivitamin. At least that way, they get to keep their wisdom.

               So, do you want to be healthy, young and good looking? Learn to love this leafy vegetables! Start eating malunggay!


posted Jan 8, 2018, 4:42 PM by Jose Dasig

Katrina C. Balana

            When the tummy feels hungry, it is time to eat.

            Our body needs food to provide the necessary nutrients to sustain us in the different processes which are part of daily activities. By burning out the calories of the food we take energy is emitted to sustain us with the grinds of every day.

            People may vary in eating schedules, more so with their eating habits. Whatever time and whichever way it goes, the order of priority is to satisfy the hunger for sustenance.

            In like manner, people may differ in the kind of food they eat. Some may prefer to have a vegetarian meal, meat for others, mixed preparation to some and for the rest, it may simply depend on personal craving or whatever is affordable; last but not the least to whatever is available.     

            Nutrition and a balanced diet are ideal, but not so with the meager one who fails to have a three meal serving in a day. When a person reaches the threshold of hunger, any of the mouthfuls with water will suffice.

            Food like shelter and clothing is a basic need of the living man. Without the necessary its supply, the physical body will deteriorate and even break down. Malnutrition is the result of having too much less which are causes of possible physical, mental and emotional imbalance.

            The adage “what one eats is what he is” is at times true though in a broader perspective it is not.

            The dilemma of hunger is misconstrued as an urgent need of filling the stomach. Moreover in the busy sphere of life, the concept of taking in food is taken as a matter of having one’s fill in the fastest and shortest time possible. Sometimes, it is like having the spillover of satisfying wants rather than bringing in the needs.

            The need to supply the body with the food is vital and essential to life. The mushrooming of fast food chains sends as wrong notion to the majority of consumers who are made to think of it as a convenient way to a good meal. Feed the hunger and that is all it.

            Instead, eat with zest, savor every bite with no rush since digestion begins with the taste in the mouth that leads to the real satisfaction of the stomach.

            The same is true in life. What we take in from the various aspects of the social process is what shapes and makes us. After all in the wellness of the mind and body, all should go with an educated eating habit. Chow!!!


posted Jan 8, 2018, 4:39 PM by Jose Dasig

Katrina C. Balana

             The advent rise of technology in this era is doing a lot of wonders. People and the distance between them are significantly narrowed. Information is effectively disseminated in real time. In a short click of a computer button, thousands of information is fast in coming in seconds. That in mind is also efficiency.

            In the light of the same development, the volume of information that can easily be gathered from this technological hub is also giving a negative feedback. Not being positive, it would mean that not all of the available information can guarantee an authentic and verifiable fact. Thus, the spread of fake news in the web poses a grieve danger of massive misinformation.

            Given the circumstance, it can lead to chaos as to what is true or not. This brand of inconvenience takes many from the expected convenience. Misinformation can lead to miscommunication when applied in a forum. The appreciation of facts is sacrificed for real-time data which are considered as doubtful. This is true especially in social media. Rather than being put into good use, it is unfortunate that it becomes tainted with abuse.

            Information is an honest truth when it transmits the real facts and events. These are the ones that can prove beneficial to all spheres of activity or endeavor. Being responsible on its content is also a trademark of accountability. Even in what we say, it may pass an ear even without notice but it is sure that those who gave attention may be affected in taking it in.

            This is the proper time to advocate a cause to rectify such a concern, acting on late can adversely affect the fate of the future generation of man. It is not only an issue of the present for even the past is being corrupted by the practice. It is alarming to see the future eroding even when it has not seen its start.

            One prudent advice is to start it now with oneself. 


posted Jan 8, 2018, 4:37 PM by Jose Dasig


         System is integral to life. In almost all pathways of endeavor, it is as handy as a guide to put things in order. Activity groups must have it to stay organized in what they do. Organizations have them as necessary to direct their objectives and goals. Every nation has to have a system to put everything in balance so that conducive living and harmonious existence can be achieved. Systems connect people and they link every relationship towards productive partnerships and better ends.

            Within a society, system application continues to shape, mold, re engineer and align things to their proper perspective. When somebody reads a notice like “system failure” it becomes an alert to look into because something along the way is going wrong. With the system erroneously working, expect that there is a risk around the corners.

            Though perfection may be fair off with the established systems of men in general, there are always the ways to improve and develop on it to their advantage. As a reminder, systems are not permanent or change proof that we have to contend with all the time. Any forewarning of failure that ensues is important to be given due attention for fixing and resolving.

            Systems bring out the ingenuity of men. They are designed and crafted to meet common goals through a vision that will ultimately accomplish a mission. Logical reasoning needs empowered rationality that can be applied to benefit the majority. A well-established system is born from the wisdom of knowing the necessity. The application or implementation of a certain system needs to be dealt with utmost understanding and comprehension which is the main purpose of education and learning.

            Through the gain of knowledge, the correlation of practical and technical aspects of undertakings can be applied to life the way it should be. Pursuits, challenges, failures, and achievements when consolidated into a good system of learning is a process that is worth the effort and sacrifice.

            Systems are meant to control and manage the conduct of a process. It provides for the mitigation of various risks within the framework. In letting the appreciative mind to delve on the values of various systems, it will be realized their presence are not meant to dictate people on what to do over and above one’s integrity, righteousness and conscience. The primary consideration in evaluating whether the system is good or bad is always by its end result.

            A system that is able to stand the tests and challenges of change is an acceptable system to conform with. Thereby, all systems must go. 


posted Jan 7, 2018, 5:59 PM by Jose Dasig


               There is a song line which goes; “every breath you take, every move you make…” and it all seem to be what is happening nowadays.

          Even before the new millennium starts, it appears that everything has to contend with what the global economy dictates in order to live. This is partly true when one needs to have something out of the backyard, one needs money to get it.  In almost everything, be it a necessary need or merely a want there is always a money equivalent to the value of every purchase.

           In as much as one would like to buy things for oneself and family, the means of having it acquired sometimes fall into a short-lived desire of not getting it at all. Some would be forced to borrow or make a loan to have it once and for all which makes the purchase more costly with the interest marked on top of the goods and services.

          In recent news, some creative minds had a P20 bill that was made to appear like a P 50 bill.  It passed the counter, the item was taken home even before it was learned that the money was tampered. This is quite unfortunate since it happened at the same time when the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) is making national announcements on the security features of new bills for circulation by the year 2018. Anent to this, seeing the P20.00 appearing like P50.00 which even a child can do out of his wits makes the added security net of the new bills still unsecured .

          Counterfeit money can be describing d as a symbol of poverty. People wanting, people needing, yet many are not able to have what they want or need. The only recourse to satisfy wants or even the practical needs is to employ some illegal means.

          The intuitive mind will lead us to creativity and at the same time makes us learn to realize that education being a given right to every citizen of this country is a primary foundation to poverty alleviation. It will not only lessen tampering, for creativity can be transformed into justifiable act of fairness and honesty with every breath and move one makes.

          In various ways, people can find ways to invest their hard earned money for the purpose of future gains but tight situations simply make it hard for them to afford it. One sure way of starting investment ventures is from the learning one can acquire through formal education. It is the call of duty of educators to bring people equal opportunity in the light of establishing a better future. Needless to say, money is never a guarantee for the securities in life. With proper guidance they can have the gains of learning that will soon reap better results.  Indeed when wisdom is tampered-free, the real value and worth of education is a good investment in building better lives.


posted Jan 7, 2018, 5:55 PM by Jose Dasig



            When it rains the ground gets wet. A little more rainfall and the grounds will get soaked.

          When the rain continuously falls, floods get in the way. It is not a new development here in the Philippines and when the rain gets really heavy, expect that towns and cities will be underwater.

          Almost anywhere in the country places get flooded as the rain falls. There are even floods outside of the real rainy season.  A lot has been asked about it. Like, is it because rains carry more volume of water nowadays? Are the grounds sinking which cause flooding of the lower areas? Is it true that due to climate change water levels are rising?

          Your guess is as good as mine.  What is the logical reason about the flooding in almost every part of the country today?

          Some would put it that deforestation is the main cause of the floods. The lesser trees will mean lesser absorption of rain water will be. Eventually, rain water will seek its own level which causes the floods in low lying areas.

          Others would say that it is because of the congestion of people in the metropolitan areas like in Manila and Cebu. If it is the case, how come that even the suburbs and far flung barrios are not free from floods. Concentration of people is not quite right an inference for the occurrence of floods.

          But wait, we are actually looking at a bigger picture that may lead us in pinpointing the real culprit of the incessant flowing of the tide. At present, the Philippines is populated by more than a hundred million citizens which is still increasing every day. Out of the 100 million, each Filipino has the ability of producing tons of waste materials annually. Not only that, every Filipino contributes to the occurrence of floods as they happen.

          Remember the prophetic social advertisement not too long ago which goes, “Ang basurang itinapon mo ay babalik at babalik pa rin sa iyo” (the trash that was irresponsibly handled and carelessly thrown away will always find its way back to its sender).     

          Before learning a lesson the hard way, let proper waste segregation be always in place.

Life of a Teacher (part II)

posted Dec 27, 2017, 8:37 PM by Jose Dasig

By Ferdinand D. Rodriguez, TIII

City f Balanga National High School


Attending a region wide seminar can be quite amusing, cumbersome, and shocking at times, for teachers coming from distant location in the region. The following are memoirs of the classic experiences.


I had to wake up at 4:00 AM to make sure I would be at the venue in time. Thinking about my son and wife who would be left on their own – cooking breakfast, getting ready for school and work, feeding the dogs and watering the plants and once again preparing the meal for the night – I failed to make ready the clothes I had to bring at the seminar. In a cram, I managed to shower, pack my bags and ride the first bus to Angeles City. It was an unusually strange morning (I could feel without an available explanation). For some reasons, strangers’ eyes are uncomfortably gazing at me.

“Paranoia”, I told myself.

Being “Praning”  is a  consequence of traveling to unfamiliar borders. Besides, I could still recall the late night news, showcasing several accidents and crimes in the Philippines. I uttered a short prayer, after reaching San Fernando, I took a jeep to take me to the final destination.

It was to my surprise I found the journey a bit more uncomfortable. Eyes are still glaring secretly. Looking away I tried to catch the side mirrors to find a way to relax. There I realized I was wearing my polo shirt the other way around. My blood rushed to my face in shame. Still pretending, heedless, my eyes searched for every sign of a comfort room in every stop the jeep was making. I couldn’t afford to show up in the hostel with my present get-up.


At the hostel, we were billeted together with 19 other teachers. The first night was another uncomfortable situation. First and foremost the air condition was positioned directly at my bed. Sleeping was a battle for us who could say only less. In fairness others found it a privilege (as if they never had an air con at home) switched it to a level comparable to spending a night in Alaska. There was also this poor roommate who was coughing until midnight. That day my blood pressure surged to its lowest because of sleepless night. If only I could get out and help him buy a medicine, but even that  was not possible. Here began another amusing story.

All dressed in white shirt and short that roommate finally decided to go down stairs. It turned out that he was apprehensive and afraid to go out for the fear of seeing the infamous white lady that was supposedly hunting the area.


Teacher: (approaching the guard)

Guard: ( running away from the teacher )

Teacher: ( running and trying to catch up )

Guard : ( still running away from the teacher)

Teacehr : Why are you running away? I just wanted you to open the conference room so I can get water.

Guard: Sorry po… I thought you were the ghost hunting this area….


Our final night at the hostel was even more taxing. Everyone had to prepare output- in the forms of daily lesson plans and lesson materials. Inside, all lamps were all brightly lit. Some hang head phones as it would enhance their mood and concentration to endure the night’s burden. Laptops were all opened, books spread on the floor in order to finish and write down ideas that could suddenly turn on.

Teacher1:  (sounds of tick taping of keyboard)

Teacher2: (sounds of pages of book being opened)

Teacher 3: (uttering words to confirm accuracy of his idea)

Speaker roommate: (sound of ecstatic male in the movie coming from the cell phone)

All teachers: “Ano ba yan? May nag-aaral po dito”

Speaker roommate: (searching for the headphone he failed to connect in his cell phone)

All teachers: ( Laughing)


Life of the teachers


You are Gold

posted Nov 27, 2017, 5:35 PM by Jose Dasig

By: Aisee Paguio Cruz, MAEd, BNHS T-III

All people dream to be a star. Nevertheless, not all could get hold of it. As a result, most feel frustrated for the thought that they are not that good. Oftentimes, they may be good, unfortunately they were not given duly appreciation and appraisal.

                When people exerted much and then received none, they feel bad. That is expected and natural. In fact, I oftentimes hear students complaining when someone else received higher grades or acknowledgment instead of them when they know they gave and did their best.

                In cognizance to this, my role as a teacher is to find the right words to console them and at the same time inspire them to remain as hardworking as they are. Very timely, my dad and I had a conversation with the same topic which goes like this…

Daughter: Why can’t people do the same thing?

Father: Same thing?

Daughter: Yes, the same thing that I’m doing. The same effort I give in every task given to me.

Father: Not all people could give the same effort, but all could have their stars in their own time. Remember that.

Daughter: Sounds unfair, dad. Then, when will I get mine?

Father:  When the night gets brighter a miner travels.

Daughter: Huh?          



                It took me a long time before I understand what my father wanted me to realize. I am so grateful to my students for they just helped me discover the wisdom from that conversation.

                I told my students that they should bear in mind that not all who are being appreciated are achievers. True winners and achievers are those who personally experienced the process of gaining something and not just simply holding an award because they are shining.

                Genuine winners will shine not only at night. And even if the night arrives, they will not be blocked by dark clouds. Do you know the reason? It is because they are pure clean slates. Therefore, no matter what happens they will not be stained and will remain as bright or even brighter.

                Why dream for stars? No one can have it. They are not really bright. So, if ever people around can’t see your worth, if ever people can’t appreciate you at all. You do not have to feel down. For if that happens, that only means one thing: the miner has not arrived yet. Miners are after for real gems and that is you.

                One simply has to look up to find a star, but not all could spend time, effort, and willingness to dig the ground just to find a real treasure: gold.

                A true achiever does not have to be looked up to in order to feel fulfilled but instead they remain as treasures that value gets higher as time goes by.”

After sharing this to my students, I always hear them say that whether they win or lose, it is how they played the game that matters. There would be no space for regrets for they know they have given their all. They simply have to wait for the arrival of the miner.

As a result, I was able to sustain the drive of my students to exert effort not only for the purpose of being recognized. They learned that they have to be like gold that knows and has its value even before being found. I just hope and pray for the time to come for these treasures on the ground to finally be discovered. 

The Cardinal Directions for Teachers

posted Nov 27, 2017, 5:32 PM by Jose Dasig

By: Aisee Paguio Cruz, MAEd, BNHS T- III

                If you are in the field of teaching, you should be able to turn your head in all directions: East, West, North, and South.

                First, you must spread your arms to welcome the bright sunrise coming from the east which symbolizes hope, optimism, faith, and courage in order for you to remain inspired, motivated, and enthusiastic.

                Next, brace yourself to face the west which serves as a reminder that in every sunrise, there is sunset. Thus, you must be strong and steadfast enough to survive your sail in times of unexpected waves. Note in mind that you are the captain of the ship. Dark times come for you not to close your sight but instead that is the most appropriate time for you to open your eyes widely to find a glimpse of light.

                More so, wave your hands on your way to the north which has the polar star signifying permanence but at the same time disaster. Here, regardless of the unending problems and trials, you have to remain on your post. You must do your duties and attend to your responsibilities.

                Finally, turn your head to the south where life usually does not prosper. Hence, there are times of failure, downfall, and stumble. Nonetheless, life will get tired of facing the south as you also get tired of losing. Consequently, if you did not win today, tomorrow you would.

                Furthermore, aside from being blessed for having those four directions, teachers were also provided with two more directions: upward and downward.

                I believe the all of us can be mountains someday, but we should always be humble. “Be a mountain underneath the sky and not on top of the plains.” Henceforth, we should always bear in mind that no matter how high our achievements are, look up and offer it all to the Almighty One. We are nothing without Him.

                Also, according to the Mulan movie, “No matter how the wind howls, the mountain cannot bow to it.” Briefly, we should know our limitations; we should know our rights but remember to practice it with humility.

                We, teachers are forest rangers. We may use or refer to a compass in order to find the right direction. But then again, what is ahead of us will always be uncertain. Nevertheless, we should not stop. We must continue searching for the right direction to keep the fire of hope burning. 

Cassandra in Uniform

posted Nov 27, 2017, 5:30 PM by Jose Dasig

By: Aisee Paguio Cruz, MAEd, BNHS T-III

                As a teacher, we should always have a contingency plan. However, the plan would not be that effective if we are not that good in foreseeing the future. Having that idea, I cannot help but remember Cassandra in Mythology.

                In my exposure to literature, I encountered several versions explaining the gift and curse of Cassandra but the most popular one is that God Apollo fell in love with her and granted her with the gift of prophecy. But Cassandra denied the God which made him place a curse on her that no one would believe her words or her predictions.

                What is the relevance of Cassandra to teaching? We are known to be the source of information. But unlike Cassandra, people believe in what we say. Thus, our words are powerful. They make great impacts into the lives of many. Knowing that, we should be cautious, certain, and confident of what to say or impart.

                However, nowadays, I noticed that students lack their faith to their teachers. How can I say so? Because although we always tell them the importance of education, they still do not have their focus and attention to it.  If they believe in what we say, they would not be included in the list of dropouts, retained, and conditionals. Sad to say, but it seems like they do not have much trust in our words anymore. Even though we told them the possible consequences of their complacency toward their studies, they do not make positive actions to save themselves. All of a sudden, we became Cassandra.

                Consequently, we are in despair for not being trusted of what we tell our students. Nonetheless, in my point of view, we should not feel that way, rather, it should serve as a challenge. It should be used as an instrument for us to keep our principles and virtues in spite of students’ lack of faith or trust in what we say. Our integrity should remain intact despite of the knowledge that they will not believe us. We should be like Cassandra who still tells the truth though doubted. Cassandra who speaks the truth beyond miserable doubt. 

                To clip it short, truth is not measured by the number of believers but one’s ability to remain a believer in spite of seeing people turning their backs. Make the uncertain future a vivid road for our students by providing them constant support, guidance, and inspiration. Let us not wear our uniform in vain. Let us wear it with grace and time will come to praise.” 

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