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posted Nov 21, 2017, 7:24 PM by Jose Dasig

Master Teacher I, BNHS

                    When I was still a kid, I saw my life like bright, bursting colors of rainbow. Everything for me was an adventure to look forward to. Life was a fairytale, that when I, a damsel in distress, there would be a prince or a knight in shining armor, ready to rescue me. I used to believe in dragons, wizards and magic.

                Then, I started to go to school. I wanted to learn. Everything. I wanted to know how the universe works, how the stars came to life, and many more. Of course, I realized that none of these wizards, dragons and fairytales were true; nonetheless, my fascination grew even more. I regarded learning as having pure fun, healthy competitions and developing friendships. Schools were institutions of respect, individuality and creativity. Somehow, these influenced me to become a teacher that I am today. I always yearn that my students discover how learning can really teleport us to the wonderful world of bountiful knowledge, primed talent, and better life.

                But, after more than a decade of teaching, I feel something odd. Why is it that most students today do not enjoy going to school anymore? Why is it that they prefer to cut classes, go to computer shops and malls, or simply go home? What is the problem? Don’t they want to learn? And reality struck.

Schools kept their busy hands and feet hidden and quiet under their arm chairs, the noisy are called troublemakers, each subject is limited to an hour a day and in some instances, a complete waste of time if the teacher did not come in. Noticeably, they watch each second of the clock as it slowly moves around, pulling the time to call it a day. But then again, when they go home, they have to sit and do more work, to get good grades. We created a world where they learn letters and numbers just to receive letters and numbers at the end of each quarter. Ironic, isn’t it?

                 Eventually, learning becomes boring, lifeless, and is more of an obligation, not a fascination. Too many students are becoming disengaged, going to the motions of impressing their teachers, parents and themselves, of how learned they are, posting to fb their biggest accomplishments. They pay more attention to how many will “like” their selfies in museums, their outstanding grades in cards, medals and certificates, their “at the moment” experience. Are these learning?

                Does school have to be humdrum? Or is it still possible to redeem what it means to be in a real classroom? YES! I always believe that there is another way to do school, to make learning fun once more. A worthwhile story or an epic adventure where my students are going to be the heroes and heroines, and where I, their teacher joins in that story with them. And where my classroom is going to be the setting of that story that flourishes with their creativity, transforming each life to become bestseller.

                I believe that our education system needs work. But as teachers, we need to work more. As Socrates exemplified, “Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.” Let us not put out the fire that we carried with us upon entering the system. Reignite the ember in our students’ hearts. Let learning be a fascination, not just an obligation.

STICK with the GRIT

posted Nov 21, 2017, 7:20 PM by Jose Dasig

Master Teacher I, BNHS

Dr. Carol Dweck of Stanford University developed the idea of “growth mindset “. She believed that the ability to learn is not fixed, and that it can change with one’s effort. She has shown that when kids read and learn about the brain, and how it changes and grows in response to challenge, they’re much more likely to persevere when they fail because they don’t believe that failure is a permanent condition.

As teachers, we see some of our students give up. Some of them don’t. From posts in facebook, newspaper articles, and even in school, we witness their struggles. From the STEP classes down to the common ones, we hear them whine over homeworks, projects and big exams. Yet, they still make it. They survive. Apparently, we learned that they, who do not give up might, well, have the GRIT. It’s just that it differs to some degree or another.

But, what really, is a grit? According to Angela Lee Duckworth, a psychology professor at the University of Pennsylvania, “Grit is passion and perseverance for very long-term goals. It is the stamina which keeps someone to move on, not just for today, not just for a week, or for just a month, but for years, and working really hard to make that future a reality.” This is very true not just for our students, but for us teachers as well.

Undeniably, we are bombarded with various paper works, reports and miscellaneous tasks aside from our usual duties as teachers. We keep complaining that we cannot cope with the fast-pacing changes brought by 21st Century education. We seem to give up at times, especially if we think we are abandoning our family, giving insufficient time to ourselves, and sometimes, losing our faith as well. As a result, we unintentionally lose our grit. What grit am I stressing? THE GRIT TO TEACH. To teach them to persevere. To teach them to be resilient.  To teach them to love learning. And so, we fail to motivate our students. We fail to inculcate to them that it is okay to fail. That, they can do better. In short, we fail to teach. For, even if we deny it or make excuses, students sense if we still LOVE what we are doing, or we are just doing what we are obliged to do.

We always tell our students that they can always choose their own paths in life. That they can be successful in it. And they always do. Some of them may fail, yes, but so what? That’s why we are here as their teachers. We as teachers just need the grit to do whatever it takes to turn things around. Like what Angela Duckworth said, “That’s the work that stands before us. We need to take our best ideas, our strongest intuitions, and we need to test them. We need to measure whether we’ve been successful, and we have to be willing to fail, to be wrong, to start over again, with lessons learned.” And I believe we do.

After all, everyone has grit. And every once in a while, we just might need to encourage our students, our colleagues, or even ourselves, to get grittier.

Hope of a Teacher’s Heart

posted Nov 8, 2017, 11:20 PM by Jose Dasig


How do I feel right now? I don’t know. A little tingle here, a little tickle there. A drop of sunshine that warms my heart. A gush of wind that brushes my hair. The smell of grass that refreshes my mood. You always make me feel brand new. You always give me reasons to give it a bit more kick. Your smile leaves me melting like chocolate on your hand.  Your helplessness makes me want to be better and better for me to become your super hero. Your tears and hunger teases me to be like Robin Hood. I can’t take it seeing you in the midst of your struggles. These are the times that I wish I could be a god, a sorcerer or your fairy godmother who can grant your every wish.

 I wish I could do something all the time, but no. I am just me, your teacher. I see you every day, and when I don’t, I visit your home to see if you’re ok. I study even more to improve and give you the things that you need to equip you for what’s to come, to make your future a lot better than your today. I discipline you to never become a liability to the society.  I want you to reach not only your goals but your fullest potentials and be of benefit to others, be a reliable and responsible part of this world and help make it a better place if not the best. I do apologize if I am not perfect, if I am giving you a hard time every now and then. It’s just to push you to not stay conventional but one of the bests. I am sorry too if I make mistakes. Like you, I am also human. A human with a heart to be your teacher who wants only the paramount for you. I pray for you and ask God for His wisdom and guidance in my everyday moment with you that it be fruitful always bringing you one step closer to being the greatest you.

I want you to soar high above the clouds, bring joy to everyone you meet, bring a solution to any problem and give it all to God who is your greatest teacher. Make Him proud that all His plans and will be done in your life. I only hope that you’ll remember, remember that there was someone who only wanted to make a change in your life, and she did.

Describing a Color to a Blind SPED Student

posted Nov 8, 2017, 11:18 PM by Jose Dasig


 I once wondered how a blind student feels about not seeing the world. I sometimes even think that at their young age, they are lucky they don’t get to see how ugly the world is. Seeing street children trying to survive without anything in their stomach when they go to sleep at night; encountering prostitutes, criminals, thieves and other bad elements; people trying to escape poverty in any way they can; having to put up with the government that always forgets the words promises, dignity, honesty and unselfishness; these, among other things make this thing called world of us a pain in the ass. How lucky could one get not to see all of those! However, come to think of it, they are unfortunate to feel how ugly life is. Since they see using their hearts not with their eyes, they feel everything that surrounds them. They may not see what is happening but they feel the pain and joy of the people they come to meet and be with... blind and blue

Maybe sometimes that is when a blind student feels BLUE.

I was with a SPED student who was blind and it seemed to me that she was feeling sad that time. I did not know why she felt that way but I just wanted to make her feel better so I asked her, “Do you want me to describe to you the color blue?” She eventually said “Ok”, so I started talking about the time when we went to the beach last summer.

Blue is like the wind that touched her face as we were facing the sea, the feeling of the saltwater where we soaked our feet in and the sound of the waves with all the birds flying by. It is that calmness and comfort that she felt then is best way that she can picture the color BLUE. It’s like the life that we can get with the presence of the Lord in our hearts and our lives... So peaceful and assuring... No worries nor pain... Full of joy and rest... For our God is full of mercy and love... No time to be blue because everything is BLUE. Life may not be that easy for most of us, especially our SPED students. However, we should not let them hate their situations. We should encourage and help them see the beauty of life, that not being able to see the colors doesn’t mean you can’t be happy and have a wonderful journey. 

A Guiding Philosophy

posted Nov 8, 2017, 11:14 PM by Jose Dasig


“Train up a child the way he should, and when he is old he will not depart from it.”  Proverbs 22:6.

I was once a pupil, a student, and now, I am not just an educator but a teacher as well. A teacher is a molder of the hearts and minds of future workers, law makers, leaders, doctors, heroes, and almost everyone else of this generation and the future. Teachers are one of the most significant agents of fruitful change in any society. They are the ones projected to carry out the responsibilities of educational traditions to “instill patriotism and nationalism, respect for human rights, foster love for humanity, appreciation of the role of national heroes in the historical development of the country, emphasize the rights and duties of citizenship, fortify the ethical and spiritual values, cultivate moral character and discipline, embolden critical and creative thinking, expand scientific and technological knowledge, and encourage vocational efficiency. However, because of this, there is no room for errors in teaching. Although at times these can’t be avoided but what’s important is we do something to correct them for we, as teachers, are role models of not only our students but everyone around us as well.

My grandpa, “Ada” only reached grade 3 and never finished schooling. However, that didn’t prevent him from reaching his goal to become a head electrician at US Naval Base in Olongapo City during his times. His dedication and love for his work and craft helped him be what he was. This inspired me to be better in what I already am, to be somebody someday. And that somebody is someone who has devoted her life in teaching her students not only their academic lessons but the lessons in life as well.

I’ve learned from my college teacher the three kinds of teachers, a teacher by profession, a teacher by salary, and a teacher by heart. One should not be just one or two of those kind, but all three. I was once a manager of one of the famous fast food chains in the county and also a call center agent. I left all of them and decided to go back to teaching where I think I can make a difference in someone’s life and not just make some business man richer everyday. I believe in what they say that teaching someone how to fish can feed him for a lifetime than giving them a fish to eat just to surpass a day of his life. As what Einstein said, “Example isn’t another way to teach, it is the only way to teach”. I teach people not just the Mathematics of life, or the history of the existence of human, but also the power of faith in the Lord who can do anything in order for them to not just survive but handle situations that come their way. I’ve learned that I should teach them how to think and not what to think.

As they say, experience is the best teacher. I share, not just the lessons that I’ve learned in my actuality, but my heart as well, to let them know that I’m not just her to work and earn but to be a friend, a mother, a caregiver, a mentor, an inspiration as well. However, to be able to help them in all aspect, I should also be a teacher by monetary, for me to be able at least help my poor students who can only afford to eat one or two basic meals a day, or give at least something for their projects and not just be able to provide for all my needs in teaching. A teacher can also be a philanthropist.

To ensure the effective and efficient transfer of knowledge, a teacher should also be by profession. Never get tired of improving oneself for the sake of educating. I must agree that we cannot give what we do not have. I believe that the teacher should not only be one or two steps ahead of his students, he should be miles ahead with regards to knowledge and experiences. The teacher should strive to learn more not only in his chosen field but he should also be a well-rounded educator.   I attend trainings, seminars and pursue my goals of finishing not only my master’s degree but my doctor’s as well for me to have a place where I can have the power to give changes not only in our system but in our country as well. I should continue to improve myself to create a chain reaction in our society.  I believe that great teachers produce great students, great students become great in whatever they choose to be, and great people produce a great, peaceful, progressive country. Or, one can be an asset and never a liability in where ever he or she is at.

All of these can only bear the right fruits if all of these are done in the guidance of the Lord. Nothing can go wrong. All will fall into place. Every work of the hand will prosper for nothing is impossible with the Lord. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. It doesn’t matter how ambitious your visions are or your goals, as long as it is done with faith and love, nothing will falter. No good did will ever go bad for it is the will of the Lord, for us to be kind and generous and loving and passionate.  He has given us the hearts of a wise and victorious soldier that we will do everything hand in hand with the Lord. I may sound like a preacher, but I may be one. It is my duty also to share God’s word to attain the DepEd core value: Maka-Diyos.

The whole DepEd may not be perfect, that is why not just the educators but all of us should work and cooperate in order to make things work for the center of our everything: the future of our students. To my co-educators, we must ponder teaching to be a lifestyle, not a mere forty-hour-a-week job, because a teacher's goals for his students incorporate much more than spreading out-of-context facts to passive students. As professionals entrusted with the education of young minds, we must facilitate learning and grow academically, personally, and ethically. By providing a quality education to each individual in one's classroom, a teacher trains children with the gears necessary for realization of life.

The greatest “guru”, “master” is our Lord Jesus Christ. I idolize Him, His teachings and love for His children that He sacrificed Himself for all of us. I may not be as great as my Lord, but I know He teaches me how to be a teacher with a heart.


posted Nov 8, 2017, 11:11 PM by Jose Dasig   [ updated Nov 8, 2017, 11:23 PM ]


Everyone is different from each other. That is one reason a logo is important to an institution or organization. It serves as the face and totality flaunted to the world, a symbol of one’s uniqueness, edge and distinction.

         The Bataan national High School Senior High School Logo. A symbol of liberty, love for greatness, excellence, equality, and dedication to achieve higher levels of education, values and skills needed to equip its students to reach their full potentials and be of great benefit not only for their personal endeavors but in the society that they belong to as well.

Every detail is wisely and conspicuously incorporated and approved by our principal, Mrs. Norma B. Rico, our assistant principal, Mrs. Nenita Y. Hocson and our administrative officer, Mr. Arnyl Joy P. Reyes, to showcase the school’s excellent wherewithal and traits.

Its round shape displays the never ending cycle of experiences, learning and acquisition. Like life itself, it is a collection of rich colors and meanings.

Its Bible at the middle represents the values, guidance and teachings of an almighty One inculcated in its lessons that every be instilled with not only knowledge but wisdom as well.

The burning torch signifies the light that education can bring to our students’ paths towards the bright future that is ahead of them.

The rays symbolize the tracks that Bataan National High School Senior High School offers. Studded with stars that symbolizes excellence in everything that we do and no room for mediocre.

The laurel leaves that denotes the honor and fame for the recognition of achievements that are geared towards a certain mission and vision.

It is colored aqua blue, a chosen color by our principal, Mrs. Norma B. Rico, for it implies so many qualities that the school possesses. The color aqua soothes the soul and creates an instant sense of home and belongingness. Highly creative and likely discovered at once that it is gifted with many talents. It shows the eye for design and whether artistic endeavors, home decor, or fashion the innovative style and good taste shines in everything that is touched and reached. People gravitate toward a warm and confident demeanor paving the way for natural leaders and communicators. It presents a pulled-together vibe that attracts attention in all the right ways. It is stands for perceptive, intuitive, and sensitive good judge of character and can quickly size-up any situation.

The name Bataan National High School, the navy blue color, the original version of the torch and bible images and City of Balanga, Bataan symbolize the pride that everyone gives to our prestigious but humble native roots, our Junior High School and our prodigious city.

And lastly, the senior high school words stand tall exhibiting how proud we are that we belong in this institution, an institution built by love, respect, perseverance, hard work, quality, cooperation, values and dedication towards the fulfillment of the DepEd mission and vision with the hope and faith that God is with us all the way.

Author and Creator of the BNHS SHS Logo

Utilization of Khan Academy in Teaching Mathematics

posted Oct 25, 2017, 7:16 AM by Jose Dasig

By: Christina C. Jaime

According to Minocha, one of the most important reasons why children dislike Math is because our methods of teaching do not involve fun and lack of stimulation. That’s the reason why children thought that Math class is boring. Furthermore, Chris Ozarka believed that many students “dislike” Math because they think that they will never need a particular algorithm or equation outside of school. They viewed Math as a class where they are only required solving and calculating of math problems.

 Ozarka stated that lecturing to an entire class assumes that all students equally understand the content. Thus, it does not provide a lot of opportunities for students to motivate. Videos are a great alternative to lecturing and provide an excellent medium for students to utilize self-pacing of learning.

Khan Academy offers thousands of videos that are always available to use. It is a non-profit educational organization that provides free videos, tutorials and interactive exercises. It was founded by Salman Khan, a financial analyst, in 2004. Salman Khan has a simple mission: a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere. With the free access of internet at school, Khan Academy can be used alternative to lecturing since Khan Academy not only provides free videos or tutorials but the website also has other features. Particularly, the site provides an endless bank of interactive exercises on core math skills as well as other content areas. The site also has game-like elements which engage the students in math.

Khan Academy also promotes easier way of teaching and learning. It is less in lecturing and motivates students to learn. It can be used to all kind of learners as long as they have a free access to internet. Based on Richard Adams, in a classroom setting that utilize Khan Academy, students can move on their own pace, and make repeated viewings of tutorials if they don't understand the first time around. The teachers can track progress on their own computer or laptop, and intervene to give an explanation when they detect a student who is struggling.

Today, positive feedbacks have been airing the educational society towards the use of Khan Academy. As a result, more and more schools all over the world use Khan Academy as an alternative if not the main method on teaching Mathematics particularly in young students. It is more adapted by the tertiary and secondary level.

Here in City of Balanga, Mayor Francis Garcia has been eagerly promoting Khan Academy to be used in public schools in teaching Mathematics and Science. Khan Academy with some touch of our improvisations that suit our students’ needs; will make it a lot easier to achieve our aim especially for subjects like Math.

Efficient vs. Effective: Which Side are you On?

posted Oct 12, 2017, 3:33 AM by Jose Dasig   [ updated Oct 12, 2017, 3:35 AM ]

Arvin L. Pascual


                In about two weeks from now, the first quarter of the school year 2017 – 2018 will be summed up. The first periodical examination is really just around the corner, which can either be a positive or a negative circumstance depending on numerous factors that affect students’ learning. With just limited time left, teachers are now left with a dilemma - to choose between being an efficient or an effective teacher.


                Efficiency is the state of being able to accomplish a task with the least waste of time and effort. In a teacher’s perspective, it is about making sure that all the required learning competencies are taught before the grading period ends. Sometimes, just to be able to accomplish everything, quality of instruction might even be compromised because of such expectation from a teacher. No one can blame a teacher if he chooses to be efficient, given the fact that many teaching hours are taken by class cancellations and some other activities. Another factor is the absences of the students that hugely affect their performance in class. If it is a given notion to finish everything, however robotic it may seem, a teacher might just reasonably think that it is the right thing to do as required by the department. Salute to the teachers who, despite all the challenges, still choose to do things the right way.


                Effectiveness, on the contrary, is the state of being able to accomplish a purpose by producing the intended result. By purpose, teachers are expected to educate and make students learn. Thus, effective teachers make sure that students achieve mastery of their lessons and required competencies. It means not moving on to the next lesson until every student manifests understanding of the concepts taught. Time is of lesser consideration, and schedule can just be adjusted depending on the students’ capabilities and progress. Similarly, no one can blame a teacher if he chooses to be effective. For him, it is a part of his calling to make students learn and not just bombard them with information. Even with just minimal time left, how can a teacher just proceed to the next chapter knowing that the students have not learned enough? Salute to the teachers who have such passion and dedication just to make students learn by doing the right thing.


                Luckily for some, not everyone has to choose between the two. In extremely rare instances, a teacher might be teaching only the best and the most participative classes and students in a school. The schedule, weather, learning resources, and all other factors affecting class instructions seem to be in perfect harmony. However, that is not the case for most of the teachers in public schools. Every day, we have to make a choice between being efficient or effective under different conditions. What is the better option? There is none. At the end of the day, you as the teacher know and choose to do what you think is best for your students. No one else should judge you but yourself.

Guro; Bayani sa Bagong Panahon

posted Oct 10, 2017, 12:28 AM by Jose Dasig

Ni: Evelyn G. Contreras T-III

City of Balanga National High School


                        “ Ma’am mahirap po bang mag teacher?, iyan po ba talaga ang gusto nyo noong bata pa kayo?”…… tanong na madalas kong marinig sa aking mga estudyante. Ngingiti na lang ako at sasabihing “mahirap kung pasaway kayo pero madali lang kung mababait kayo, oo naman pangarap ko ito, gusto kong maging teacher.

            Sa totoo lang nahihirapan ako, minsan nga nasasabi ko sa aking sarili “bakit ba ito ang napili kong propesyon?”. …..Ang hirap kapag makatagpo ka ng estudyanteng pasaway, ayaw gumawa, puro daldal, di mapakali sa upuan at ang pinakamasaklap, walang galang. Ang hirap kapag gumawa ka ng exam, paulit ulit dahil dapat tama ang pagkakagawa….. tapos makikita mo sa araw ng exam may mga nanlalambang lang kaya naman kung gaano mo katagal hinanda at ginawa simbilis naman ng kidlat kung sagutan ng mga bata. Ang hirap kapag may bata kang ayaw ng mag-aral, pabalik-balik ka sa bahay nila mapapasok mo lang paluwal ka na sa pamasahe pero ang magulang wala naming pakialam kung ayaw ng mag-aral ng anak nila. Ang hirap kapag may bata kang naliligaw ng landas…. Hanggang sa pagtulog iniisip mo kung paano mo sya maisasalba. Ang hirap kapag nakikita mo ang mga batang pumapasok ng hindi kumakain….minsan nga kakainin mo na lang ibibigay mo pa sa kanila. Ang hirap kapag nagkasabay sabay ang mga reports, hanggang sa bahay bitbit mo ang mga paper works.

                Pero kahit nahihirapan ako madalas natutuwa naman ako.  Mahirap maging guro pero masarap….. masarap kapag ang mga batang pasaway nakita mong tumino. Masarap kapag ang mga batang walang galang lalapit sayo at hihingi ng paumanhin. Ang sarap sa pakiramdam kapag nakikita mo  na may mga bata na masayang nag-aaral at natututo sa klase mo. Nakakatuwa kapag sa buong taon ng pagtuturo mo ay may maisalba kang bata sa kabila ng paghihirap mo na subaybayan ang pagliban nya sa klase at naituwid mo ang kanyang landas. Sobra ka ring masisiyahan kapag may makita ka sa lamesa mo na simpleng sulat at nakalagay na “YOU’RE MY HERO” (dahil alam nila na kahit wala kang pera naaabutan mo sila kapag wala silang pagkain). Masarap dahil hanggang sa pag-uwi mo pakiramdam mo ang laki ng nagawa mo sa buhay nila. Ang sarap, dahil sa mga simpleng pagmamalasakit, para sa mga bata malaking bagay iyon at sobra-sobra ang kanilang pasasalamat.

              Sabi nga kapag naging guro ka dapat punong puno ka ng pasensya at dedikasyon. Mahirap talaga kung hindi ka magpapasensya, mahirap talaga kung wala kang dedikasyon. Dahil ang pagiging guro ay parang nanay o tatay lahat ng sakripisyo ay gagawin upang mapabuti ang anak. Ang lahat ng hirap ay kakayanin dahil sa huli kapag nakita natin ang bunga ng ating pasensya at dedikasyon , kapag nakita natin ang mga bata na nakamit nila ang kanilang tagumpay, doble ang sarap at tuwa na ating mararamdaman.

Tunay ngang, guro ka sa lahat ng pagkakataon, may panahon, may oras, magulang kung ituring at higit sa lahat makabagong Bayani.


“Technology and Teaching”

posted Oct 5, 2017, 1:30 AM by Jose Dasig

By: Princess Diane G. Supan

                Now a days, we are living in a modern world. We are surrounded by gadgets, we can’t live without it because it becomes part of our life. There are advantages and disadvantages of using it. One of the advantages is that we can be able to accomplish our daily tasks in an easy way. The difficult one will become easy for us. Everything can be done easily and instantaneously. Primitive way of life is replaced by fast pace labor and thinking. Everything seems to be accomplished by a simple clicking. One of the disadvantages of technology is that we are always relying and depending ourselves on it. Sometimes, we can’t be able to do our job properly without technology because we refuse to work hard we don’t want to spend more time finishing a certain task and we don’t want either to sweat for a longer hour. Moreover, the human factor seems to get away when important decision has to be made. It seems that technology stops the function of human consideration. The heart factor loses its significance.

                Since the advent of technology is ubiquitous we have to integrate teaching and technology. We live in a modern world that’s why our students are expecting more and new from us. Using visual aids is needed for us to deliver the lesson in a nice way. But, it would be better if we can be able to use technology in teaching, such as using laptop for making power point presentation, presenting a vivid, colorful and moving examples for each topic which can fascinate the senses of our learners thus, learning will become enjoyable and ecstatic to them. We can also use it for audio and video clip presentation, in that way we can we can able to deliver or discuss our lesson properly. Let me ask you, what is the impact of technology in the learning process of the students? If you will allow me to answer that question my answer is for me, it can be of great help. It’s very useful, particularly to those students with different behaviors and attitudes considering that they can focus and listen attentively when we present our power point presentation and show them movie clips as well as video clips of certain lessons. They always feel the excitement for every video clip we presented in the discussion.

                Let us accept the fact that we cannot live without technology yet, let integrate our heart in nurturing our learners. Let us teach them to love and just to make them geniuses. They have to be smart and sensible individuals.

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